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UAE AUTO BUYER is UAE business founded in Dubai. Our team became aware of the hassles that people deal with when selling their used vehicles. This is when UAE AUTO BUYER was born to create a solution that will reach people all across UAE. We have a passion for innovative ideas and a commitment to outstanding service surpassing anyone’s expectation. We’re excited to have you along for the ride.


UAE AUTO BUYER provides our customers with a hassle-free vehicle purchasing service. Our innovative approach brings our purchaser direct to the seller’s place of choosing. Fair market value is easily established and payment is issued on the spot. We offer fair and transparent vehicle valuation based on the current market value. Our approach gives customers a professional safe alternative from the challenges in trading at the local dealership or dealing with the hassles of trying to sell it themselves.


UAE AUTO BUYER values customers time and serve them at their doorstep and make sure that the client will not only save time but also not face unrealistic offer on branch site after getting hard to ignore offer online, which are the common tricks used by many in the market.

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Our Values

VISION: UAE AUTO BUYER is committed to serving our customers with an innovative and hassle-free way to selling their vehicle instantly. Our mission is to provide transparency and excellence in customer service.

MISSION: Selling a car is an extensive and uncertain process. One is never sure of their car’s real market value. Listing online leads to more time consumption, multiple calls, random meetings, price haggling etc. UAE AUTO BUYER makes selling a car an easy, fair and quick experience. We offer an efficient and reliable way to car owners to sell their cars at the best price.


Why Choose Us

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We pay instant cash upon agreement.

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Our Technical Marketing Advisors (TMAs) valuate all cars instead of robotic calculators.

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Our TMA will not surprise you with unrealistically high price online and disappoint you with ridiculously low price at the time of inspection.

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We value your time and serve you on your doorstep.

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We buy cars, working or not working.

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We manage all the paperwork and transfer hassles.

Value your car

How we can value your car

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How it works?

  1. Fill out basic details.
  2. Get valuation within 24 hours.
  3. Instant cash payment by Technical Marketing Advisors (TMA) upon agreement.

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How it works?

  1. Fill out complete details and listed questions.
  2. Get an offer based on provided information.
  3. Instant cash payment by TMA upon deal finalization.

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How it works?

  1. Call directly for instant valuation.
  2. Get an early appointment.
  3. Instant cash payment by TMA upon mutual acceptance.

What our customers say


Frequestly Asked Questions

UAE AUTO BUYER takes pride in maximizing the value of your vehicle and offers you a FREE, no-obligation vehicle valuation based on your vehicle's year/make/model/kilometers and overall condition. Vehicle valuations are based on current market data obtained through our extensive industry relationships.

A certified UAE AUTO BUYER inspector will come out to inspect your car. We do all the work, including inspections, paperwork, plate removal and ownership transfer! We will then make you an offer. If you accept, we will happily pay you in full on the spot!

One of our friendly UAE AUTO BUYER personal ride inspectors in your area will contact you once you submit an online valuation request on our website to arrange a suitable time for your free (no obligation) vehicle inspection.

UAE AUTO BUYER also purchases financed or leased vehicles and can arrange to pay the outstanding amount as part of the inspection process.

Once a UAE AUTO BUYER inspector has completed the process and you have agreed with the fair assessment, they will pay in cash on the same day, and you're done! We will arrange pickup of the car, and you can use the funds to buy another car, pay off other debts, take a vacation, or whatever you wish!

There are a few documents required to complete the process: 1. Proof of ownership (original registration). 2. Drivers license or other proper government-issued ID (such as your UAE id). 3. Bank clearance code or letter in case the loan is already paid.

It depends. When trading in, you usually get one sales manager's opinion on what they think your vehicle is worth.

UAE AUTO BUYER offers you the quickest way to sell your vehicle. You get paid instantly! We maximize your vehicle's value. We achieve this by maintaining low operating costs, by not maintaining inventory and remarketing all vehicles through numerous national sales outlets, wholesalers, auctions, and exporters. This multiple-bid process allows us to maximize your vehicle's value, so everyone wins!

Not always, and you never know who will show up at your door. It can be a scary experience for many sellers! Private buyers are looking for deals and are often low bailers, tire-kickers, and bargain-hunters. The questions to really ask yourself is, are you comfortable dealing with strangers? Are you a salesperson? How do you know if they can afford to pay you in the first place? And above all, how safe or secure do you feel dealing with strangers?

Absolutely not, a certified UAE AUTO BUYER inspector will come to your door, and will happily offer you a free inspection with full payment made the same day! Give it a try by going to the first page to fill out our no-obligation free valuation form!

UAE AUTO BUYER claims that we buy any car within 15 minutes after viewing the car at your given location.

UAE AUTO BUYER will take care of the transportation and transfer charges even we will settle your ticket in case you have any which will be deducted from your final payment.

Instant offer is a free service from UAE AUTO BUYER, offered exclusively to the seller and is a great alternative if you are looking to sell your car quickly. With instant offer the process is simple. 1. We'll offer you a specific Sell Now price for the vehicle i.e the instant offer. 2. After accepting the offer online, our site inspector will visit your location. 3. Our professional inspector will inspect your car to check that it matches the details submitted online and meets the offer condition. 4. If at all checks out, our inspector will finalize the sale with your and pay you instantly. 5. You don't even need to go through the hassle of transfer as we are registered from RTA and will take care of all the transfer process on our own.


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 business hours.

P.O.Box 28328, Dubai, UAE

+971 54 4823000

+971 4 2226669